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Bluehost Coupon Code [November 2020] – Save Up to 63% OFF + FREE Domain

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Bluehost Coupon Code [November 2020] – Save Up to 63% OFF + FREE Domain

Bluehost Coupon Code exclusive 63% OFF + Free Domain

Are you looking for Bluehost coupon code? If yes, then you’re in the right place.

BlueHost is one of the best and powerful web hosting in the market at present.

Millions of websites are hosted on Bluehost.

It was started in 1996 and one of the cheapest web hosting service provider.

It’s a huge number. Isn’t it?

Bluehost is also listed as “recommended web hosting” by the official page of WordPress.org homepage.

Redeem Bluehost Coupon Code 2020 – Get 63% OFF + Free Domain

In today’s article, I will share you how you can activate Bluehost coupon code and claim 63% discount and FREE domain name.

Later I will tell you why you should use Bluehost by describing a few key features which will help to grow your blog.

Bluehost has basically 3 hostings:

  • VPS

Let’s get the ball rolling;

Get “SHARED HOSTING” with Bluehost Promo Code (63% Discount)

Bluehost Coupon Code

SHARED HOSTING is highly recommended for beginners who are just getting started.

This hosting is the perfect hosting for small sites.

And even I also started with SHARED HOSTING and still I’m using this hosting on my small sites.

It is one of the most common web hosting servers where many websites are hosted and running with very good fast load time.

Shared hosting offers 4 affordable hosting plans so that you can find a good one which fits for your blog.

They have:

  • Basic Plan normally costs you $7.99 $2.75/mo
  • Plus Plan normally costs you $10.99 $4.95/mo
  • Choice Plus Plan normally costs you $14.99 $5.45/mo
  • Pro Plan normally costs you $23.99 $13.95/mo

I highly recommend you to choose Plus Plan and it is affordable where you can host an unlimited number of websites.

Get Bluehost Shared Hosting Now 

Get “VPS HOSTING” with Bluehost Promo Code (63% Discount)

Bluehost Coupon Code

Bluehost VPS Hosting commonly known as Virtual Private Server that gives you some resources on a dedicated server where you don’t need to share with anyone.

It’s like you have your own dedicated server but virtual.

VPS allows for greater stability and performance of your website and it is more securable than Shared hosting.

You’ll get all the access to multi-server management, FTP file management.

They come up with 30 days money-back guarantee so if in case you are not happy with Bluehost VPS then you’ll get a full refund.

They have 3 plans:

  • Standard Plan costs you $29. 99 $18.99/mo
  • Enhanced Plan costs you $59. 99 $29.99/mo
  • Ultimate Plan costs you $199. 99 $59.99/mo

This VPS Hosting is good for a business website and startups.

Get Bluehost VPS Hosting Now

Get “DEDICATED HOSTING” with Bluehost Promo Code (63% Discount)

Bluehost Coupon Code

Many of us don’t know what dedicated hosting is all about?

In short: Dedicated hosting server is a type of remote server that is dedicated to a single organization like large e-commerce websites or online banking websites is a perfect example of a dedicated server.

It is usually managed by a hosting provider like Bluehost and you do not need to share it with anyone that makes it different from shared and VPS hosting.

These type of hosting are perfect for a large business.

In this hosting, you get full access to Fast Provisioning, Dedicated Support, server resources and security.

They have 3 plans:

  • Standard Plan costs you $199. 99 $79.99/mo
  • Enhanced Plan costs you $159. 99 $99.99/mo
  • Ultimate Plan costs you $209. 99 $119.99/mo

Get Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Now

Why you should choose Bluehost Hosting?

Here are some reasons-

1. Top-notch Speed

Speed is the most important factor of every web hosting so before finalizing your web host, take a close look to its speed.

It’s ranked B+ when tested with BitCatcha which is a pretty reliable source of monitoring a server’s speeds.

And B+ is still a pretty good rank so yeah speed of BlueHost hosting is impressive.

bluehost coupon
Credit @ Bitcatcha.com

2. Daily Backups

BlueHost offers regular backups which you can take backups of your whole websites automatically.

All those backup files can be directly sent to your email address so you can access it any time.

So when you have backup files with you, you can easily restore all your files with just one click.

That’s the reason why Bluehost is a great web hosting choice.

3. No risk 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

BlueHost is so confident about their own hosting services that is why they offer 30 Days money-back guarantee.

Suppose if you’re not happy with BlueHost and want to cancel an account, just email to their support team and they will refund your full money.

So you don’t have to worry before signing up for any of the Bluehost hosting plans.

More Features included:

  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • 24×7 Customer Support
  • Unlimited Storages
  • FREE Domain (1st Year only)
  • Access to Website Analytics

How to Use the Bluehost Coupon Code 2020?

Here’s how easily you can avail Bluehost coupon code by following the steps given below.

Step 1: Click on our exclusive link and you’ll be taken to the official website of BlueHost.

You can see clearly on the page that the starting price has been discounted from $7.99/month to $2.95/month.

Now what you need to do is click on the “Get Started” button.

bluehost coupon

Step 2: Now select your plans. BlueHost comes up with 4 plans includes a Basic Plan, Plus Plan, Choice Plus Plan and Pro.

bluehost coupon

I’ve summarised their pricing plans in a table for better clarity.





Previous Cost

$7.99 per month

$10.99 per month

$14.99 per month

Discounted Cost

$2.95 per month

$5.45 per month

$5.45 per month





Website Space












Included Domains




Select Plan

For beginners, you only need shared hosting which is very good hosting for small websites and blogs.

Step 3: Now enter your existing domain, if you haven’t any then buy one.

Read this: How to Buy Domain Name from Godaddy.

bluehost coupon

Now you need to create an account on BlueHost. Fill all the details and proceed on.

bluehost coupon

Now you need to verify your hosting package information.

You need to select a basic 36 Months billing cycle to get FLAT 63% OFF.

bluehost coupon

Now finally, one last final push by making payment via credit card or PayPal.

And you’re done.

bluehost coupon


You have now bought BlueHost hosting by getting a huge discount by applying a Bluehost coupon code.

If you’re having any problem regarding this Bluehost Coupon then you can mail me at imksanu@gmail.com and I will help you to get started with Bluehost Hosting with 63% DISCOUNT.

Read this guide on How to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost.

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